Colorado Springs Newborn Photography by Mary Lynne Ashley

Are you thinking about having your newborn baby photographed? You really have only one chance to get it right!

Click the photo to see lots more of my newborn photos on Flickr!

By the time you’ve had the opportunity to schedule and complete your photo session, and then view your photos for the first time, your baby’s fleeting newborn days are probably already gone. If you choose a cheap and inexperienced photographer to save some money on your newborn photos, you may well find that you’re not that happy with those photos, and by then it’ll be too late because your baby won’t be a newborn anymore. If you want to save money on photography, it’s best to do that with other later sessions that don’t have such a short time limitation.

Click the photo to access more of my newborn work on my website.

Then, if you choose a photographer who doesn’t work out, it’s no big deal. But it is a big deal to get poor quality photos if you have your heart set on getting awesome once-in-a-lifetime photos of your newborn baby, who is a newborn for only a few short weeks.

I love doing newborn photography. Although their portrait sessions tend to take HOURS, the results are so amazing. I just wish I’d been able to create images like this back when my own kids were babies! All my photos of my son (who is now 14) as a baby are from either a disposable film camera or my super-fancy Sony Digital Mavica that saved the files on a floppy disk and created images at 640×480 pixels. In other words, you could get a decent print of a wallet-sized photo from those files, but that’s about it! Whenever I pulled out that camera people would hover — they’d never seen a digital camera before. Unbelievable where we are now! But anyway, I basically printed out those files from my ink jet printer onto some regular old printer paper, and they are barely even visible now. Bummer. So when I get these great shots of other people’s kiddos I sometimes do get just a little envious that I don’t have anything decent of my own kids. Oh well, I guess there’s always grandkids, right?!

“So, how does a newborn sessions work?” I block off a good part of my day to devote to your session. You’ll want to bring snacks and drinks, because we might be together for 3 hours or even a little longer! I always say I’m going to figure out a way to do these sessions more quickly, but it just takes time for a baby to eat, get diaper changes, fall asleep, stop crying, or whatever else we might be waiting for. We’ll crank up the heat as warm as you want it, and pull out the space heaters, too, if we need to. I’m usually in a tank top during these sessions because the room can get pretty warm to provide comfort for your baby, who may well be unclothed while we are photographing him or her. I’ll ask you to bring items that may be meaningful to include in your portraits, if that’s something you want to include. If you see props you like in my existing photos, I can’t guarantee that I have those specific props, since many of the items I use in my photos are items brought in by the family.

I’m happy to photograph family members along with the baby. Just keep in mind that it always takes longer than it seems like it would, so you’ll want to prioritize which shots are most important to you. Some parents will bring in examples of newborn photography they’ve seen that they like, while others will just ask me to “do my thing.” Either way, we’ll create some wonderful photos for you to enjoy for a lifetime!

Mary Lynne Ashley has 10 years experience as a professional photographer in Colorado Springs, and has photographed many, many newborns over the years. See samples of her beautiful newborn photography.

She’s a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and a Certified Professional Photographer, which means she takes her profession seriously and is committed to giving you only the best. Visit her website for a full portfolio of her baby, child and family photography at

To book a session, or for more information, you can contact her at, or 719-329-0396.


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  4. Candice Cofer says:

    Hi, I just gave birth to my beautiful daughter Natiley on Jan 31St. I may be interested in booking a session with a soon but I would like some more details. (pricing prints etc) Thanks!

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