Learn how to use your DSLR camera | Colorado Springs photography classes 2015

The next date for my beginners DSLR class in Colorado Springs is Saturday, January 17, 2015 from 9am – 4pm. You can click here to register for the class through Eventbrite. It’s $99 (plus a small service fee) for the 6 hour class.

You invested a lot of money on that DSLR of yours. Way too much money if you’re using it as nothing more than an expensive point and shoot.

Colorado Springs DSLR classWhy not invest another 99 bucks and a day of your time, so you can actually use it the way it was intended?

We’ll have a small group class, and I assume no prior knowledge. So don’t not come just because you fear you’ll be the “stupidest” person in the class! You’re not stupid, you just haven’t had the opportunity to learn this stuff yet. That’s why I teach it. I want people to ask questions and admit it when they don’t understand something.

For many of us, the most basic concepts of photography: aperture, shutter speed and ISO seem so daunting. They sure were for me for many, many years. When I finally bit the bullet and committed to learning all this exposure gobbledegook, I found out it’s really not that difficult. At all.

We’ll cover basic camera operation, getting sharp in-focus photos, exposure (included the dreaded ISO, shutter speed and aperture), lens selection and more. You will end the day with the great satisfaction of knowing so much more about your camera and your potential as a photographer.

I am offering a very small class (no more than 8 students max), to ensure everyone can get individual attention if necessary. Can’t make it on this date? I also offer private lessons, which some people prefer. Contact me at MaryLynneAshley@gmail.com for more info on either group classes or private lessons.

Visit this link on Eventbrite to read more about the class and to register for January 17th’s class!

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Holiday Photo Special 2014

Fun family photos in the Photo Love Bus photo booth, just $20!

Friday, 11/14/14 from 10 – noon
Saturday, 11/15 /14 from 9am – noon

Mountain Grounds Coffee House
3315 W. Carefree Circle
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80917

$20 includes a minimum of 8 full-resolution digital images, a couple of printed photo strips, along with a super fun time in the photo booth with your family.

Quick and easy. No appointment necessary.

Mountain Grounds will be offering drink specials both mornings as well.

Colorado Springs St. Patricks Day 2014This is a way to get quick and painless photos for this year’s Christmas card, and even the people in your family who resist family photos (you know who they are) will have a good time. No appointments necessarily, but if you send me a quick note at info@photolovebus.com that you’re thinking about coming, that’d be awesome. (Not necessary, just helpful.)

Mountain Grounds is a sweet little family-friendly coffee house, so it’s a great place to grab a hot drink and a bite before or after your photos.

Photo booth for rent in Colorado SpringsIf you are asking “What the heck is the Photo Love Bus, and what exactly does this entail?” Read on!

If you haven’t seen it around town or heard about it yet, the Photo Love Bus is a photo booth inside a 1971 VW bus. Grab some props, climb inside, and let the automated photo booth do the rest, capturing digital images and creating prints that are ready within seconds of stepping out of the bus.

Since I came across this amazing idea and started operating earlier this year, this new business has enabled me to help thousands of people share laughs and create fun photos with their families and friends to remember special events ranging from weddings to companies to music festivals, and lots more.

Photo booth rental in Colorado SpringsAfter searching far and wide for a suitable bus earlier this year, I found the perfect one in a parking lot just one block from the studio! Pretty incredible since buses in such good shape are hard to find, and I’d figured I’d have to go out of state to get one. Since then, I’ve had the bus painted a beautiful red and white, named her “Ginger,” and have experienced an incredible year operating the most amazing and unexpected business.

People are delighted by the bus from the minute we pull up to an event, and their enthusiasm only grows once they climb inside and experience the fun automated photo booth.  People love sharing their pics on Facebook, and I run into people all over town who tell me their photo strip is on their fridge.

Colorado Springs photo booth rentalsAt event after event, we’re told the Photo Love Bus was the best thing at the event. In fact, the phrase we hear the most is, “This is the best thing ever!” If Ginger were a person, her ego would be HUGE. Seriously, there’s something about old VW buses that makes people smile. Men, women and children of all ages — nearly everyone loves them. Adding that affection to an already super-fun photo booth experience puts it over the top.

I’ve observed that people are so much more fun and natural when they’re hamming it up in the photo booth with family or friends, rather than posing for a photographer.

On these two mornings, for just $20, you can bring your family inside the bus for some laughs and photos, and will leave with a collection of digital images from which you can order your holiday cards, make additional prints, etc.

You’re welcome to take those images wherever you want to have them printed, to share them online, etc.

Although you may spot and jump inside the Photo Love Bus at an event around town, this is your opportunity to pick your outfits, avoid the long lines, and make sure everyone’s having a good hair day before the family pics. The family dog is welcome, too!

Why only $20 for some great laughs with your family and some awesome digital images to do with as you wish? I know when you get inside the Photo Love Bus and experience the fun with your family, you’ll tell others about it. The bus is available for weddings, corporate events and other parties, and I know if you come try it out you’ll help me spread the word.

Want more info? Contact me at info@photolovebus.com or 719-205-7236.

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Photo Booths for Holiday Parties in Colorado Springs

colorado springs photo booths

Rent one of our photo booths for your holiday party in Colorado Springs!


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Best Photo Booth in Colorado Springs!

We had a fantastic time running our VW bus photo booth at the Meadowgrass Music Festival May 23-25, 2014. We set up our booth and tent, and camped out for 3 days of wonderful music and terrific people.

Photo booth in Colorado Springs

Photo LOVE Bus, Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs photo booth

Photo LOVE Bus, Colorado Springs

Photo booths in Colorado

Photo LOVE Bus, Colorado Springs

Photo booth rentals, Colorado Springs

Photo LOVE Bus, Colorado Springs

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Rent a Photo Booth in Colorado Springs | Photo LOVE Bus

Colorado Springs Photo Booth in a VW Bus!

photo booth vw bus colorado springs

Grab some friends and some props, and climb in!

We took our photo booth in a VW bus to a birthday party this weekend, where it was a huge hit! It’s easy for us to take our booth to short parties since we are totally mobile, and you don’t have to worry about finding a spot big enough in your house for it since we can park right outside.

So how does this photo booth thing work? It’s just like the other photo booths that are making their rounds at parties these days, except it’s inside a 1971 Volkswagen bus. You grab a friend or two, grab some silly props if you wish, and climb inside. We then startphoto booth vw bus colorado springs it up, and you can see yourself in the monitor, where you also see a countdown. The photo booth automatically takes a sequence of 4 pictures, showing you each shot as it takes it, and then immediately prints out a photo strip.

If you haven’t been in a  photo booth in a while (or ever!) you’ll be surprised how much fun it is. Even though we can all easily take “selfies” with our phone these days, there’s just something about squeezing into the booth with friends or family and hamming it up together at a festive occasion.

photo booth vw bus colorado springs

Your photo strip is ready within seconds of stepping out of the bus.

You can learn all about Ginger the Photo Love Bus at photolovebus.com. Ginger is available for Colorado Springs weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, fundraisers, reunions, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs and other parties and events.

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Colorado Springs Photo Booths for Rent

Mary Lynne’s VW bus photo booth was a huge hit this weekend at CMCA’s mother/son and father/daughter dances! Their ’70s theme went perfectly with our 1971 Volkswagen bus. You can follow our bus on Facebook at facebook.com/photolovebus.

Colorado Springs VW photo booth

Colorado Springs VW photo booth

Colorado Springs VW photo booth

Colorado Springs VW photo booth

Colorado Springs VW photo booth seventies themeGet all the info about our Colorado Springs photo booth in a VW bus at photolovebus.com.


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Professional Photographers of Colorado Seminars, March 23, 2014

PPC is back with a vengeance.

March 23 12:00pm-2:30pm

Just $30!


inside & out



Running a successful wedding photography studio catering to mid to high end clientele with zero employees.  How I manage to get everything done on a timely basis and continue to exceed my clients expectations.  Not only are my clients happy, but in love with the pictures and product I deliver to them and their willingness to spread the word and be my biggest marketing evangelists.

Some of the things that will be discussed 

  • The journey from $300 wedding fees to surviving and thriving in the roller coaster ride that is wedding photography
  • Having your clients and non clients fall in love with you and your work and them becoming your biggest marketing tool
  • Differentiating yourself from the other photographers in your area not only in style but what you offer
  • How I do it with zero employees, but still have additional photographers covering the wedding with me
  • Avoiding “workaholicism” – Keeping your leisure time
  • Shooting other projects around the world 


Picking up his first “real” camera in 1969, Travis was hooked on photography from the first press of the shutter button.  Largely self taught, Travis looked to W. Eugene Smith, Gary Winogrand, Roy DeCarava, and Ralph Gibson among others as his early “mentors”.  During college and his 30+ years in corporate America, Travis continued to pursue photography as a serious hobby.  Hooking up with several galleries in Denver allowed him the opportunity to have his work on display and available for collectors.  Life was good!  Then about 20 years ago some friends asked him to photograph their wedding.  Reluctantly he accepted their request and soon discovered his new found passion.  14 years ago Travis quit his lucrative corporate position and dived into his fulltime wedding career.  He hasn’t looked back!

March 23 3:00pm-5:00pm


Mary Lynne Ashley

Why the “Mom Photographers” Are Kicking Your Butt (and what you can do about it!)



While we all bemoan the fact that there are boatloads of unqualified photographers out there charging close to nothing for a session that includes a bunch of lousy digital images on disc, the truth is that there are also lots of new “mom photographers” out there who are totally rocking it, and making a good living doing so. Let’s talk about what makes these modern photographers successful and what lessons we can all (mom or not) learn from them.

Mary Lynne (M.Photog.Cr., CPP) has specialized in photographing babies and children since 2001. Like many female photographers, she was inspired to get into photography while learning how to take better photos of her own children. She loves teaching others, and has helped hundreds of camera owners learn how to start taking creative control of their DSLRs by taking them out of auto mode. Her business, two teens, two dogs and feisty cat keep her on the go.

We have a power packed year full of exciting education, not to mention our brand new location for all the events!

Get out your calendar and mark off

the dates for 2014!

March 23 12:00pm-5:00pm
May 18
September 14
November 1 & 2
December 7
More information to come!
We promise you won’t want to miss 2014!
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